Gas and Diesel Prices Falling Nationwide

Diesel Fuel PumpsDiesel prices falling since their peak in April

Analysts and recent reports released by Wright Express (WEX) state that the average price per gallon has dropped to $3.57 as of early June.Diesel gas prices have dropped roughly 17 cents p/gallon in the last 30 days. Yet due to lower diesel supplies this number could spike by the end of summer. (WEX)The table below shows the monthly price per gallon on a regional basis for the month of May 2012.
CityAverage Unleaded PPGAverage Diesel PPG
Atlanta, GA$3.540$3.939
Boston, MA$3.778$4.108
Chicago, IL$4.083$3.994
Dallas, TX$3.521$3.889
Denver, CO$3.767$3.867
Detroit, MI$3.781$4.026
Houston, TX$3.621$3.851
Los Angeles, CA$4.337$4.352
Memphis, TN$3.428$3.865
Miami, FL$3.704$4.038
Minneapolis, MN$3.645$3.975
New Orleans, LA$3.495$3.831
Philadelphia, PA$3.755$4.150
Phoenix, AZ$3.807$3.937
Portland, OR$4.179$4.125
San Francisco, CA$4.374$4.517
Seattle, WA$4.259$4.473
St. Louis, MO$3.558$3.756
Washington, DC$3.912$4.129
National Average, US$3.724$3.982
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