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Purchasing a Used RV

Are you looking at purchasing a used RV? There are a few things you should look for BEFORE you purchase a used RV.  As with most vehicles, maintenance issues are always a concern and with RV’s you have a vast amount of items that require annual maintenance. Some of the overlooked areas when purchasing a used RV are the sidewalls and the roof. If you are looking at an RV with a Rubber Roof, be sure to inspect the seams and edges good prior to purchasing. The cost factor for replacing or repairing and re sealing a rubber roof deters
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Cleaning Your Grey Tank

Some ideas on cleaning your grey tank There are many methods on cleaning your grey tank and we want to give you a couple ideas to use. It is important clean your gray tank as often as you would your black water tank. Different Items for Cleaning Your Grey Tank Some people use a flexible wand to clean their black water tank and use the same process for their grey water tank. The limited access you have for cleaning your grey water tank may not allow you to use the flexible wand. The trap in the shower should stop any
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